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Only One Pet Matters…Yours

At Animal ONE, we demonstrate through our actions how much we value you and the welfare of your pet by treating you as if you were our only client…we know that when your pet is in need, the only pet that matters is yours.
We incorporate play, affection, and treats to reduce your pet’s fear and stress and make their visit more enjoyable.
We use the best and latest equipment available to speed up recovery and make your pet as comfortable as possible.
We Are Excited To Meet You

Proudly Offering A Better Place For You & Your Pets!

Your wait won’t be long, but a short stay in our reception area includes comfortable seating with cubbies for cat carriers and small pets, a refreshment station, entertaining videos, and a display of specially selected retail items.

Our exam rooms provide maximum comfort for you and your pet. A fold-down exam table allows us to examine large dogs and anxious pets where they are most comfortable. Large monitors are used for videos and images that help us identify systems and explain your pet’s problem and recommended treatments.

We Offer The Latest Technology

Your Pet Will Be Very Comfortable In The Latest Casco WELLKennels!

If a short stay is needed for surgery, observation, or other treatment, your pet will relax and recover in a Casco WELLKennel equipped with temperature controls, light settings, ventilation, and privacy panels that increase your pet’s comfort, reduce stress, and increase safety.

Comprehensive Exams
Surgical Services
Tired Golden Retriever puppy wearing the "cone of shame" after surgery
Imaging & Diagnostics
Clean Teeth = Overall Health

Now Offering Premium Dental Care

Dental health is a critical aspect of your pet’s overall health. The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) recommends your pet’s teeth and gums be checked at least once a year along with your annual exam by a veterinarian to detect early signs of problems that can cause or be caused by other health problems.

Our Team Is Ready To Help

Efficient Communication

Communicating using the methods and frequency that works best for you:

Comprehensive Personalized Convenient Veterinary Care

Solving current problems facing pet parents today, such as:

Concierge Services

Premium Specialist Referrals

Coming Soon

Online Prescription Management

Exciting Opportunities Await You

Do You Love Animals & Want To Join Our Team?

Animal ONE is a new veterinary group that can provide you with the work experience you have been searching for!

Enjoy a work environment where patient, client, and employee needs are always considered.

Animal ONE is searching for a select number of visionary veterinary professionals who want to have an impact on the profession and their workplace. In return for your ideas, dedication, and enthusiasm, you will:

  • Work in a modern veterinary hospital equipped with the latest medical and office technology.
  • Have the ability to improve the lives of our patients and those who care for them.
  • Enjoy time off to enjoy family and friends.
  • Reap immediate financial rewards and build long-term wealth.
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2203 Francisco Drive, Suite 170,
El Dorado Hills, CA